Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have done and posted my first podcast My podcast (PAGE 2).  The process was quite simple and interesting to say the least. I can see however see how the process it can become time-consuming and stressful especially for people who consider themselves perfectionists.

I have recently done a bit of reading about podcast and found that a Podcast is simply a form of audio and or video broadcasting via the Internet. I learned that you actually subscribe to podcasts much like you subscribe to blogs. Also that podcasts are more often than not distributed through a blog and can be downloaded and then be listened to on your computer or transferred to your portable player to listen to later.

Technical requirements neede to create a podcast:
  • A microphone (most computers have built in ones)
  • Audio/video editing software (you can find these on the internet eg. Audacity)
  • Webcam (for video)
  • Internet access
  • Website or hosting service
  • RSS feed
Educational uses
Podcasting can be used in an educational setting in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the ability to allow teachers access to their students through the Internet, allowing information to be shared between teacher and students on an as needed basis. Students can also replay lessons at their own convenience, reducing what they miss. Podcasting is also way for teachers to provide additional resources to their students to aid in differentiation. Podcasting can also be used a motivational tool for students and a means of archiving information for other students the following year.
Two helpful external resources for creating podcasts are

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hi Everyone.

Welcome to my blog page.

This is indeed, like so many others of you my first time blogging because I've always thought it was so time consuming although I know people who disagree with me. (I guess I'm about to find out for myself).

I hope this blog proves to be educational and inspiring by providing great ideas of uses of wed 2.0 tools in the classroom as well as other forms of technology.