Sunday, January 2, 2011

Social Networking in the Classroom

There appears to be quite a bit of discussion surrounding the use of Social networking tools in the classroom. However, the resource is being used in a number of schools all over the world with proven results of improved student participation and interest as well as motivation. There are a number of how to websites dedicated to providing information for helping teachers implement such a tool in their classrooms.
After reading a number of articles, blogs and journals I can see that there can be enormous benefits to using social networking in the classroom. I can also relate to the drawbacks and reservations that many teachers hold in regards to wanting to implement this concept into their teaching. It will, I imagine take work to get administrators and parents to buy, then even more work to implement as well as teach students how to use this web 2.0 tool effectively.   I do believe that if one is really invested and believe in the value of using such an innovation then it could be a very effective tool.
Using Social Networking in the classroom

Examples of social networking sites that can be used in the classroom (page 12)

12 Expert Twitter tips for the classroom. CLICK HERE

100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media In the Classroom. CLICK HERE  This site has some really good ideas.


  1. Iffeisha-
    The more I read these blogs and the things that people are posting, the more I want to set up a twitter feed for my class. With it being mid year, perhaps these next few months could be a beta period where I can iron out any kinks for next year. Thanks for further inspiration!

  2. I see your point. I actually made a blog over the weekend for my Science class only yo turn up to work yesterday and realize that the blog was blocked by our security filter. I however did find an education host site that's not blocked (Edublogs) so I am in the process of recreating the blog through them.

  3. How are the students feeling about the blog process? Do you plan on incorporating another blog or Twitter into your classroom?