Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wikis in the classroom

Wikis can be used in the classroom in a number of ways to generate interest among students and get them involved in learning content as well as sharing their knowledge of content they have learned.
Wikis can be used as a group discussion board for the whole class with forums assigned for group work/collaboration.
Students can even have their own pages where they can share content in different ways to demonstrate their learning that the school can archive.
There are a number of sites that give examples of ways in which wikis can be used in the classroom. I have added links to a few of them below. I found these to be very insightful and informative for what I have in mind for my class wiki project.
14 interesting ways to use a wiki in the classroom - CLICK HERE
Wikis in education - CLICK HERE
Examples of Educational Wikis - CLICK HERE

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  1. Thanks for these links Iffeisha, they were interesting reads.