Saturday, January 1, 2011

Podcasting in Education- New/Old Light

I have been doing some research about podcasting and how to best use it in my classroom over the break and have found quite a few interesting ideas.

It is quite fascinating to find that many teachers are already successfully integrating the use podcast in their classrooms. Just this week my principal sent me a link to a podcast on itunes done by students at a school we visited to observe last year. It was really interesting to listen to those podcasts knowing that I had met some of those students as well as read their evaluations/reflections on the impact the podcasts had on their learning. It all makes me realise that technology can really be motivating for students especially if used correctly.

Students really like the idea of being able to see and hear themselves share their learning. For most the thought of being recorded is quite fascinating of course for others the same thought is quite terrifying. Most teachers who choose to use podcasts or any other recording in their classrooms will ultimately have to find a acceptable medium, especially is the students are being graded for the podcast itself.

I have included links to videos about using podcasts in education which I found very interesting and useful.

 Integrating podcasting into your classroom -

Podcasting In The Classroom -

Differentiated Instruction Podcast-Final.wmv -


  1. Iffeisha, at one of my buildings we use podcasts to archive our concerts. I find that this was a great way for students to revisit their performances and also useful as a critiquing tool.

  2. What great links! Thanks so much for sharing them! I always wanted to try podcasting with my students and your links will be a great place for me to start!

  3. Love the idea of using podcasts to archive performances for students to revist later and critique.

    You could also use this as models of strong and weak performances after students graduate or immediately depending on the culture of your school.

    I'm already email my music teacher with this idea. Thanks.